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Forging New Paths In Cancer Diagnostics

Modern medicine is built on a profound understanding of diseases. However, some illnesses are more difficult to diagnose and treat than others, and cancer ranks among the most complex of diseases. With the number of new cancer cases expected to rise by about 70 percent over the next two decades, there is a clear medical need to gain deeper insights into this malicious malady and develop better therapies.

Currently, the gold standard of cancer diagnostics is histological analysis of tumor biopsies. Typically, pathologists stain these precious biological samples with specific dyes to gain a ‘sneak peek’ at the microscopic features of a patient’s tumor. Each tumor biopsy is a treasure trove of useful information, yet, conventional histology methods only allow oncologists and cancer researchers to access a limited portion of that information. Maximizing the amount of information gleaned from each tumor biopsy thus represents the next frontier of cancer diagnostics. 

To create an integrative diagnostics platform for molecular cancer research, HistoIndex has teamed up with Pathomics Health. Pathomics Health is a digital healthcare solutions company headquartered in Kuala Lumpur that provides clinical testing, digital pathology imaging, and NGS services. The joint laboratory is located at the University of Malaya and will work closely with both public and private oncology centers locally and in the region. 

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